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Who are The YEHcast and how did it come about?

This is the story of how the YEHcast came to be.

It all started one Sunday evening in early 2017. John, aka Yackam, was sitting in his living room watching one of his favorite YouTube channels and started pondering what it would be like to actually start his own channel to share his love of games. This was a fleeting thought that had come and gone for several months prior, but for whatever reason he couldn’t get it out of his mind this day. He decided that this was too big of a task for him to do alone, but he could certainly do it with help.

So he called up his best friend Dave, aka Kabrone, and asked him if he would be interested in creating a YouTube gaming channel. Dave was overwhelmed with joy with John’s idea and The YEHcast was born. For many evenings and long nights, since they have everyday jobs to support their families of course, Dave and John worked tirelessly creating The YEHcast channel and brand. Time passed and they released their first gaming video which marked their first of many milestones for their channel.

As more time passed, they soon realized that having their professional work lives, personal lives, and YEHcast lives all running 100 miles per hour, they needed help! Enter Ashman, aka Dr. Dodd, John’s brother-in-law and friend. Ashman was and is an immense help for both Dave and John since he was able to offload a great portion work. So the YEHcast family grows 1 stronger.

This brings us to the present day. The YEHcast have put out a great number of gaming videos spanning multiple genres all with hilarious banter that viewers and subscribers will enjoy. The YEHcast are working hard to bring viewers great entertainment that folks from all ages and locations can enjoy. All the help they have been given has been greatly appreciated and they look forward to the many relationships they have and will build in the future!