ARK - Survival Evolved - 'The Island' Moded Server

Stranded on the shores of a mysterious island, you must learn to survive. Use your cunning to kill or tame the primeval creatures roaming the land, and encounter other players to survive, dominate... and escape!

ARK, available on STEAM was officially released for multiple game systems in August 2017 but has been in development and beta since October 2014. Can be played as either single or multiple players you are able to craft items for survival, grow food, research tech, tame dinosaurs, and much more. There are over 60 animals that can interact with, realistic physics to building structures. The playable area of ARK is roughly 19 sq miles in size with 14 sq miles for land and 4.6 of oceans.

The YEHcast crew teamed up with a friend, J-Tiki on his private ARK modded server to bring you this series. J-Tiki has over 150 hours and will be the island guide for this next adventure. Yackam and Kabron both have experience in the game but poor Dr. Dodd is left two rocks together as he tries to learn how to survive.

Mod List and Settings
Upgrade Station
Platforms Plus
Pillars Plus
Reusable Plus
[WIP] Carts and Wagons
Builders Helmet
Raft Extender
Super Spyglass
Ark Fog Remover

Kibble Vending Machine
Structure Plus
Crystal Clear
Game Changes: XP Mult 2, Taming Speed 10, Non Dedicated Host Tether Dist 300, Night time speed = .5

Check out the series on Youtube!

ARK photo