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Minecraft Tekkit Mod Pack

"Change the way you play Minecraft", with Technic Pack Launch you can choose from thousands of community made modpacks available on the Technic Platform. Install with one click of the mouse and you're ready to go. No more downloading multiple mods and hoping things work correctly. Can have multiple mod packs installed and saves all at the same time. The Technic launcher takes care of all the files and installs for you.

Why are we talking about Technic on the Tekkit page? Well, it's the easiest way to play Minecraft mod packs! Tekkit has dozens of differnt mode packs that included slight different combinations of modes or keeps original version of modes after new mods were added, some include Tekkit Classic, The New Tekkit Classic, Tekkit Legends, Tekkit Revived, Tekkit Lite, ... the list goes on, and on... Some mode packs are designed with lower specs systems in mind so no one has to be left out of the fun! For our YEHCity series we are playing just Tekkit (version 1.2.9g) which contains modern versions of the most popular mods along with the ability to travel to other dimensions and SPACE! This mod pack has plenty to keep the YEHCast group occupied with for many series to come.

In the current YEHCity series Yackam, Kabron, and Dr. Dodd take off on the task of building a basic site of operations to launch into new adventures. An HQ where all their basic needs can be fulfilled: Food, a large supply of items and resources, power, a safe home, and the industrial machines that can power and supply all the items they need to travel to space or into other worlds... maybe even The Upside Down?

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